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The 'Science' Behind Work - What You Need To Know

By Emma Rowley

Hello! It's science time! There's nothing I like more than to sit down and share my love of the world around us. Now read those sentences again. As you can see, I sound happy and fulfilled. Could that be because I'm working? Freud theorized that having fulfilling work is one of the requirements for a happy life.

Of course, Freud wasn't a real scientist, so we can safely discard this kind of wild, senseless talk and look for a more scientific understanding of work and its place in our lives. For example, in the case above, I sound happy because I'm drunk and I just found a hot dog down the side of the sofa.

I wonder what else we'll discover as we settle down, check for bugging devices in the surrounding area, fix our foil caps on tightly and prepare to enter the world of science.MORE


Bridal Shower Etiquette for the Modern Woman

By Jessica Becht

"Every bride deserves tribute. No matter how many diamond solitaires a woman has flaunted before jealous spinsters, she never waives her right to be feted with silver-plated strawberry hullers upon announcing her latest engagement. However, with the rules of etiquette in perpetual flux, how does a bride ensure that her acquaintances will heed her dainty pleas for kitchen finery?

" Years ago, strict notions of seemliness governed bridal showers, preventing brides from maximizing their gift potential. Shockingly, stodgy etiquette books used to forbid showers thrown by the bride herself. These days, demure sorts wisely ignore such strictures. They realize a self-hosted shower is ideal for the nubile lady with more cheek than chums. more


Postcard from Paris

By Loulou de la Paumandiere

OMG BGF FLF! as I said in the text message that I sent to many of you late last night. And I still can't believe it. As of 7 p.m. yesterday, Carla Bruni, my best girlfriend ever since we met at the age of twelve at L'Etourneau boarding school in Switzerland, where we shared tears, laughter, phenylcyclohexylpiperidine and lymphogranuloma, is now the First Lady of France. Yes, the Carla Bruni: former model, singer-songwriter and muse to the rich and famous, actually married my old and dear friend President Nicolas Sarkozy in a secret ceremony here at my home in the rue de Varenne. Carla and I are proud to call each other best friends: we're both beautiful, talented, well-educated and chic, but above all we care deeply about each other. Carla helps me to feel better about myself and I try to help Carla to be less of a whore. MORE


Libby Interviews Psychic James Van Praagh

By Sharon Grehan-Howes

Dear Readers: Well I'm back from my little break at the I was delighted to find that I would be interviewing James Van Praagh. To be honest as a hard-hitting journalist I was skeptical but after a display of his amazing skill he made a believer out of me! I'll have new celebrity interviews for you in the coming weeks so keep your eyeballs peeled!


Do you want me to dim the lights?


No, that's not necessary.


Maybe light a few candles? Some incense? Spooky music?


No, let's get right to it. I'm seeing something. Yes. I'm seeing a woman, definitely a woman. I sense she is a relative do you know who this is?


Well like I told you a few minutes ago, my grandmother Lillian she passed over years ago in Marshall Field. She had a massive heart attack while wrestling over a Butterfly Meadow quilt at a white sale. I honestly suspect it was murder because it was 75% off and...MORE