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12 Hot Ways to Get a Man's Attention!

By Cindy Buchanan

Bring out your inner tigress! Here is something for you to think about seriously and I want you to be honest. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to walk into any room and immediately be the center of every man's attention? Oh, I know you're hot, and you get plenty. But isn't it every woman's fantasy to be that one woman who steals the show? As you read this article, indulge your fantasies. You shouldn't have to share the spotlight. Follow a few simple guidelines and be prepared to bring out your inner tigress.

Remember as you read these guidelines, that men are insecure. Not only must you be willing to put mean, put yourself out there, but you must also convince him you are a wanted woman. Wanted by many other men, that is. Men naturally want the chick other men want. Now you can become that chick.

Bare that bod! Make sure your bod is hot and show it off. If your bod is less than bare-able, fix it, ASAP. No guy wants to see your hiney if it is out of shape.

Find the right diet (may we suggest "Model's Secret: Binge and Purge") and work out program ("Shop 'til You Drop," and/or "The Super-Sex for Super Sexy") to get in shape for this.

Less is more. IF you MUST wear underwear, make sure it is exposed and looks hot. Black bra straps should peak out from your tank top, if you simply can not bear to go nippley. Show your thong above your low rise jeans or skirt. Better yet, wear no underwear and expose your thong shaped tan line.

Itty bitty skirts get instant attention. Be sure to walk into the party and loudly announce, "I'm sooooo drunk and I'm not wearing panties!" That will never be ignored. If you are wearing panties, take them off and hold them up as you make that announcement. Get on a table and dance. All other women will fade into the background and you will be the star.

Touch him! Put your hands on his body after you say hello. An effective move is to touch his thigh, make eye contact and lick your lip

Talk Dirty! How will he know you're interested in him and sex if you don't just come out and say it? Don't hold back, tell him what is on your (dirty) mind.(See # 6 & 7 as well.)

Don't talk about the weather or your job! Enthrall him with something he'd rather hear about, such as how you and your hot girlfriends entertain each other during "dry spells." Give plenty of graphic details. Watch porn movies to get ideas of what he wants to hear

Action not words! Be sure to follow up your talk with appropriate action. Kiss your hottest girlfriend in front of him. If she likes it, turn it into a make out show. Otherwise, she may hit you. This is fine also. The guys will love a good cat fight and remember you fondly for this entertainment.

Pass out a resume to all the hot dudes you meet. Highlight your impeccable love skills, interests, and provide references

Make up business cards that say "Love for Hire." Slip him the card along with a coupon for free "services." As you hand him the items, smile and wink suggestively. This time he won't just say he will call, he really will

Make the first move. Never forget the men are insecure concept. If he fails to make the first move in a timely manner, make it for him. He will admire you for your boldness and confidence.

Sell yourself! Assume that he likes you and wants you. Give him two positive options before you leave to close the deal. Say something like, "Should we just make out or would you rather go all the way?" When there is no negative option available to him and he will choose one positive course of action.

Finally, don't be afraid to lower your standards. Remember, a picky woman is a lonely woman.

Now, go out there and let them hear the tigress roar!!!

© 2004 Cindy Buchanan


Cindy Buchanan resides in Alabama, with her husband and two children. She has an Associate Degree in Computer Information Systems. During the day, she works as an Administrative Assistant for a Methodist Church in Birmingham. There her responsibilities include writing for the church newsletter, bulletin and website. In the evening, she spends time with her family and enjoys writing fiction stories and essays. She is a student at Long Ridge Writer's Group and has just finished her sixth assignment. She plans to start work on her novel this year. She takes humor very seriously!