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Are You Dirty?

Take our Quiz and find out!

1. Do people wipe their feet on the way out of your home?

2. You babysit for friends, as they are leave for their evening out you smother the infant with kisses. Do the parent's ever come back?

3. Does your spring cleaning involve borrowing a dog?

4.When using a crowded restroom does the stall that you've vacated remain empty?

5. Leaving a party, you mistakenly put on someone else's coat. Does the owner say "No, you keep it. Really."

6.Do you have a theory about bacteria?

7. Does everyone always mysteriously know what you had for lunch?



If you answered yes to any of the questions  You are very, very dirty--in fact piglike. Consider yourself blessed that your partner stays with you.  If you don't have a partner then, mystery solved. It's also time to stop bragging about your tan.

If you answered no, You are a happy, healthy well balanced and above all an acceptable woman.