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Are You Sexy? Take Our Quiz!

By Sharon Grehan-Howes

Chances are if you need to take a quiz you're not, but you may surprise yourself!

Answer true or false to the following:

-Even if your husband accidentally brushes up against you in the grocery store you feign sleep.

-When watching an adult film you criticize the plot.

-You keep getting The Tunnel of Love mixed up with Love Canal and Carpal Tunnel.

-Your consider the underpants that still have the elastic intact, lingerie.

-You take the getaway part of "romantic getaway" literally and leave your spouse at home.

-Your idea of foreplay involves household chores.

-Your "come hither" look is reserved for snickerdoodles.

-After making love you often say "thank God that's over with."

-Your partner arrives home with strawberries and cream. He suggests you eat them in bed. You do. By yourself.

-Whenever someone hires a male stripper for a shower or other occasion you spend the sexy time stealing devilled eggs.

-On your list of priorities, sex comes directly after "take down Christmas lights" and just before "crochet the lawn a hat."

If you answered true to any of the above questions, your love life needs a jump start!

Try arranging romantic interludes with your partner. Arrange a date night and treat yourself to some sexy new lingerie.

Or you could do what most of the Happy Woman staff does: Count backwards from one thousand or (depending on the partner) ten until it's over.

© Sharon Grehan-Howes