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Are You Selfish? Take the Quiz!

By Cynthia King


6. You meet your best friend for lunch. She claims she is depressed and having problems in her marriage. You:

a.) Comfort and console her for the rest of the afternoon.

b.) Offer to fix her up on a date.

c.) Recommend that she see a shrink as soon as possible and change the subject. This conversation putting a real damper on lunch.

7. Your boss walks by your desk and you notice a long piece of toilet paper stuck to her shoe. You:

a.) Bring it to her attention right away.

b.) Smile to yourself and let her keep on walking.

c.) Stifle your hysterical laughter and start emailing your co-workers. This is too good to keep to yourself.

8. You're standing in line at the supermarket behind a young mother and her cranky two-year-old. Suddenly the child begins to wail loudly and incessantly. You:

a.) Smile consolingly at the distraught mother and continue to wait patiently.

b.) Switch checkout lines before the kid gives you a headache.

c.) Hold your hands over both ears and shoot the mother a dirty look. You're disgusted with her blatant lack of parenting skills.

9. It's Christmas and your mother has sent you a gift. You open the package to reveal a garish red sweater with a large reindeer on the front. You:

a.) Chuckle, try it on, and call your mom to thank her.

b.) Close the box and immediately re-gift it for your sister.

c.) Recoil in horror and call your mother demanding both an explanation and a gift return receipt.

10. You are sitting on your front steps enjoying a cigarette when you notice your elderly neighbor struggling to carry some very heavy-looking grocery bags out of her car. You:

a.) Rush over and assist her.

b.) Yell for your husband to come outside and help the poor woman.

c.) Wave, smile, and take another drag on your cigarette.


Tally your score:

For every question you answered a, give yourself 1 point.

For every question you answered b, give yourself 2 points.

For every question you answered c, give yourself 5 points.

10-12 points: Congratulations! You are a selfless individual. You care deeply about other people and you cherish your relationships with friends and family. Even complete strangers bring out the best in you. You enjoy helping others and always put their needs above your own.

13-35 points: Consider yourself a somewhat selfish individual. Although you try not to hurt people's feelings or make them uncomfortable, you consistently put your own comfort and welfare above all others'. You always put yourself first.

36-50 points: You are one selfish woman. You put your own interests above all others' and to hell with what anybody else thinks. You have no concern for other people's feelings and have no problem making them feel uncomfortable or intimidated. You are often tactless and rude. Your mantra is "Every woman for herself!"


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Cynthia King is a tech writer turned freelance writer living in New England.

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