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Beauty 911

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Q I have very large pores, can you tell me how to make them look smaller?

A Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do the alter pore size . The best thing you can do is to exfoliate often to keep those huge, unsightly craters clear of dirt and debris and stand very far away from people.

Q I have very thick naturally wavy auburn hair. It is very healthy and I receive many compliments but I so want to have the straight sleek look that many stars have been sporting what do you suggest?

A You poor thing! I think we have all been in your position. Run, don't walk to your nearest drugstore counter. There are many products now that will save you from looking like a fashion disaster.

A chemical straightener will take out those dud waves and colorant will lift the yucky yesterday red and replace it with a natural "today" color. The products will dull the sheen of your hair and you will experience a fair amount of breakage but it will demonstrate your keen fashion awareness.

Q I don't have time to maintain my brows yet I wish to appear well groomed- Do you have any suggestions?

A My first response to this question was " if you don't care enough to put the time in, why should I?" But we didn't receive as many letters this week as we'd hoped so here goes: Bangs seem to be the easiest solution, and judging from your letter the easiest, quickest, laziest way seems to be what you are after.

Tip of the Month:

Q I have very brittle nails, what can I do to strengthen them?

A The nails like very other part of the body have muscles that need to be toned and exercised on a normal basis. These simple tips will turn your nails from brittle bitties to tender talons.

1. Balance a pencil on the edge of your nails and do 16 lifts.

2. Placing your fingers (tips first on the desk) push up. Repeat 46 times.

3. Acknowledge that they may have a problem.

4. For the nail cardio hold right arm straight over a table, tuck all fingers in save index and middle fingers. Place these on the table and make then run. Once you are comfortable with this action. Repeat the steps with the left arm until the left hand is chasing the right. (You may wish to tie yourself to a chair as this activity can be quite frenetic). Incorporate the other fingers by wiggling them.

Do this exercise for 15 minutes every morning and for an hour and 3 seconds every evening.

Before you go to bed apply a paste of mashed avocado and slip on some white Egyptian cotton gloves.

Avoid any activity that requires your hands.

By Sharon Grehan-Howes