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Girl's Guide to Cute Heads of State

Claire Zulkey

Ladies, we all know that more and more of us are becoming involved in politics now more than ever before. For instance, our current president has a lady National Security Advisor (Candyleeezzza Rice) and even has two daughters, in comparison to former President Clinton's one.

You too can delve into the political realm! But why limit yourself to America? There are internships and volunteer positions available in almost every government in the world.

For your benefit, we have edited a short guide to the most attractive heads of state in the world, so that when you begin your political career, there will be no need to toil beneath an unattractive boss (or husband, should you choose to marry your particular head of state.) Enjoy!


For our younger readers, we have also included a short list of up-and-coming monarchs and leaders, so keep your eyes out for them!


Claire Zulkey lives in Chicago and would very much like a patron or sugar daddy or something. She has been published on McSweeney's Internet Tendency and Modern Humorist. She would be mighty pleased if you stopped by her site, Here is a terrible joke as your reward for reading this entire bio:

Q. Want to hear my impression of Elizabeth Taylor?
A. I think she's pretty nice

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