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The traditional home of heavy drama adds another serious contender to its stable. The Education of Dax Mickford stars Richard Dreyfuss portraying every character in every film he's ever been in. Dreyfuss plays, what else?, a teacher in this, what else?, uplifting story of a man who, what else?, faces a crossroads in his life as he, what else?, must re-assess his life in order to bring meaning to the chaos. You'll find yourself rooting for him as he copes with raising his, what else?, headstrong daughter as a, what else?, single father. As usual, Dreyfuss portrays Mickford as a, what else?, slow-to-change man caught up in a, what else?, constantly changing world. Fans of Dreyfuss won't want to miss this one!


Finally realizing no one will ever pledge money to watch their network unless they provide exciting, entertaining, shallow fare, PBS adds a reality TV program to its fall lineup. The Byronic Heroes tracks eight teams of university graduate students as they race from England to Spain, then on to Portugal, Malta, Albania, and finally Greece, following the travels of George Gordon, Lord Byron. At each stop in their journey, the teams face physical competitions. Teams that lose these challenges are eliminated from the game, until the two remaining teams compete in the championship challenge: a fight against the Turkish army. In addition to the physical tests, each team also must produce a 50-page critical essay exploring the evolution of the Byronic hero from Childe Harold to Manfred. Also thrown into the mix, to add excitement for the viewing audience, are impromptu events such as the "Don Juan" Round Robin, in which each member of a team must recite from memory one canto of the famous poem, while the next member picks up with the following canto in sequence. Hilarious stuff from sleep-deprived scholars!


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