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Foot Binding For Health And Beauty!

A fab craze popular in China in the tenth century is now taking America by storm.

When was the last time your little piggies went to market? Probably not so long ago. Well, if your little piggies were wrapped in size seven or bigger, we've got news for you: Big feet are out!!

The How-To:

After a while the smaller toes will become little curly husks and the big toe will point upward. After about two years, your foot will finally fit the ideal and will be about three-inches long.

Women with bound feet were regarded as gentile and ladylike. The craze started in the 10th century and

Started in the 10th century, bound feet (also called Lily feet) became a symbol of gentility, daintiness and beauty-exactly what we need in this Birkenstock world. It's best to start when a person is 3 or 4--so moms there's still a chance for your young--but you can get amazing results in an older adult as well!

Big Feet: The Health Concern

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