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Miracle Cloths Revealed to Be Actual Miracle

By Julie Bliss

Don't toss those worn micro-fiber cleaning rags just yet! A housewife in Nutley, NJ has just discovered the face of the Madonna in her pale green cleaning cloth.

"I had used the thing for months," reported the busy wife and mother of three. "I was about to throw it out because it was getting all yucky, but then, I held it up to the light and saw her, the Virgin Mary, in the worn out parts of the fabric. The real miracle was I didn't throw it away before I noticed her."

Pilgrims from all over the tri-state area have flocked to Dewey Reedy's Nutley home for a glimpse.

Word of mouth spread after Ms. Reedy told her parish priest about the sighting. He immediately thought that several old timers and a woman who believes her port wine birthmark is a stigmata might like to view the Miracle Cloth. The priest arranged a pot luck brunch to be held at the Reedy residence.

Mrs. Reedy, a petite woman with a tiny voice and shy demeanor, was not sure her home, with décor by Little Tykes, was a suitable brunch venue, but Father Jacoby insisted and the viewing took place. Mr. Reedy refused to participate, leaving before the guests arrived and muttering "Whack-O's" beneath his breath.

Ms. Reedy taped the cloth to her oversized picture window in the living room so that the light would shine through the cloth, illuminating the Virgin's pacific visage. The small gathering of brunchers quietly revered the Miracle Cloth virgin while enjoying crab quiche and cranberry scones.

Mary Margaret Murphy, 86, dabbed at her teary eyes with a lovely pink luncheon napkin and sniffled that the Miracle Cloth was truly the most amazing thing she had ever seen. Fellow parishioner Frances Gilooley, 79, nodded in solemn agreement adding that this was the sign from above she had waited her whole life to witness. Michael Patrick Mulrooney, 90, did not appear to understand what he was doing in the Reedy house with a plate of food and asked repeatedly who had died.

Since the brunch viewing, news of the wondrous Miracle Cloth caught the attention of the local cable TV show, "Nightly Nutley Nuggets" and the Nutley weekly paper "Nuts About Nutley." Both featured the Miracle Mary as their top story last Wednesday, bumping the latest legal flashes from Nutley-native Martha Stewart.

Devout miracle seekers arrived immediately and the crowds haven't stopped yet. Travelers from as far away as Alausarkookee, Florida have made the sacred journey to Nutley.

The Reedy's were rather unprepared for their celebrity. "There have been all sorts of people tromping through," Ms. Reedy noted as she raked up Kleenex bits and collected spent votive candles from the lawn outside her living room window, "I guess everyone wants to see the Virgin."

Using only the back door that connects the garage to the house, Mr. Reedy leaves by 5 a.m. each day and does not return until well after dark.

He explains, "I knew it was a mistake to buy a house in Nutjob."

©2004 Julie Bliss


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Julie Bliss is a freelance writer from Fairfield, CT with many credits, but no actual credit.


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