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Supermodel Moms To Be

Egregious: Its amazing, its sort of like something is growing in you, its hard to explain. To know that that something keeps getting bigger and bigger. I had a cyst once but it was nothing like this

My trainer/husband says I've never looked more beautiful that I'm positively glowing. I know he's lying because he refers to overweight people as fat pigs but I do appreciate his sensitivity. If it's a girl we are going to name her Brian and if its a boy were going to name him Molly.

Santas: I didn't know I was pregnant until I was five months along, I haven't had a regular period since I was eight so I didn't notice anything for a while but two months ago I went to the doctor when I felt something moving. We'd had sushi the night before and I was really frightened that the fish wasn't dead when I ate it. You can imagine my relief when I found out it was going to be a baby instead of a tuna.

I have big plans for this baby I have so much I want to teach it. I can teach it how to swim and tell it all about the two basic food groups. I think its going to be a riot having someone to hang around with all the time.

Jessica Sang: Its a real spiritual thing, its like something that is bigger than you only not really because then you would tip over. I feel in touch with myself and my feelings for the first time since I got the cover of Vogue.

I've been researching Eastern philosophies and religions with a Western influence. I've pretty well designed my own. I want to be everything to this child. Mother , preacher advisor, friend, personal trainer. This child will be a smaller version of me at first and then it will grow larger as time goes by. I put my faith in Buddha and Jesus and ask for tranquility so that my child will be born in a peaceful atmosphere.

Suze: this is my second child so I know what look forward to. My first child Jejeune has been the light of my life. Whenever I visit her in Switzerland I feel whole. I share her joys and triumphs whenever I get a free moment. I also learned from my mistakes because this time I m pretty sure who the father is. It is difficult being a single mother, having to reorganize my life for her yearly visits so this time I've learned to prioritize. I put myself first, and my career second.

Copper: To be honest I thought this would ruin my career but thanks to Cindy motherhood is pretty hot right now, so the timing was good.

I worry about all the normal things, will this child be healthy, smart, pretty, thin. Will I lose the seven pounds I've gained so far, but all those things seem unimportant when I start to look ahead when I will actually see my little daughter or son posing next to me that makes all of this worthwhile.