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EST. May 2000 (AD)




Summer Cosmetic Must-Haves!

By Elizabeth Hanes

Don't brand yourself hopelessly unhip by leaving the house without these essential new cosmetics.

1. Navel foundation. Even if your navel is naturally beautiful, you can improve its appearance simply by applying a little navel foundation with a triangular sponge. We like Bobbi Brown's "Naturally Navel" and Cover Girl's "Beautiful Belly Button."

2. Shoulderblade shadow. If your idea of weightlifting is carrying your lunch to work, chances are you could use some toning up - or better yet the illusion of it! Use a large makeup brush to apply shoulderblade shadow below and between your shoulderblades to create contours that give the illusion of muscle tone. You'll look sex-sational at the beach! We like Max Factor's "Bold Blade" and Maybellene's "ShadowSexy for Shoulderblades."

3. Flavored ankle rouge. Drive your man wild by accentuating that sexy dimple on the inside of your ankle. Next time you wear sandals, just blend on a dab of flavored ankle rouge and watch his mouth water in sensual anticipation! The taste adds a whole new dimension to toe-sucking. We like Lancome's "Ankle Sensuelle" (available in green apple and bubblegum flavors) and Estee Lauder's "Foot Licks" (cherry, watermelon, and orange.)

4. Knee concealer. Let's face it: for most of us, our knees are not our most attractive feature. Knee concealer solves that problem! Apply generously, and the concealer gives your knees a sleek, plastic look - like a Barbie doll! Best of all, the new polymer-based formulations won't crack when you bend, like the old types did. We like Clinique's "Patella Plastique" and Avon's "Naturally Plastic for Knees."

5. Bikini area mascara. If you accidentally overdid your home bikini wax, don't fret. Just apply several coats of specially-formulated bikini area mascara to the remaining hair to create fuller, thicker pubes. Best of all, most formulas are waterproof - no embarrassing running after a nice swim! For a walk on the wild side, try mascara in purple, blue, and green shades! We like Revlon's "Bikini-scara Extraordinaire" and Guerlain's "Great Pubes Mascara."

©2001 Elizabeth Hanes

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