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The Skinny By Elaine Langlois


The Survivor Makeup Bag:

What One Makeup Item Would You Wrestle a Rat For? PART TWO


Day 23: Chaz discovered that the colorful bead necklaces Serendipity had been wearing were really candy necklaces. An ugly scene ensued as the rest of us ripped the jewelry from her neck and scavenged on the ground for the broken pieces. But then an HK named Brent made the mistake of thinking Serendipity's healing crystals (her luxury item) were really rock candy and broke two teeth. Serendipity was ejected from the game for sneaking food.

Day 24: The Chi Hua Hua alliance held again today as we completed the treasure hunt immunity and reward challenge. We were each given a treasure map and had to hack our way through the jungle and along the shore to find our way to the treasure. None of us could figure out which way was north, south, east, or west except the Ice Princess, who used to be a Girl Scout. The treasure turned out to be Cheese Doodles, banana cream pies, and sports drinks, which the IP shared and we gratefully devoured. Then we all got together and voted off Brent.

Day 25: You really have to watch your step around here. I have never had to stay so well groomed in my life. You just get a little dirt under your nails and people will savage you. First it was an HK named Haley because she had some wild parsley between her teeth. Then Vendetta because of her runny mascara.

Day 26: Chaz found some trash washed up on the beach. It must have been dumped overboard by someone on a cruise boat. A Big Mac wrapper, cigarette butts, three packets of catsup, and some Twizzlers. We had a feast, passing the Big Mac wrapper from person to person to lick, eating ketchup soup, and roasting the Twizzlers over the fire. Then we got high smoking the cigarette butts.

Day 27: Today's immunity challenge set me head to head with the Ice Princess in a contest that tested our knowledge of designer footwear. The others quickly dropped by the wayside. What luck that I had spent so much time picking out ankle-strap sandals! I won immunity, and we voted Haley off the island.

Day 28: Woke up this morning to a magnificent sunrise of vivid reds and pinks and blues. I found myself contemplating the beauty of this island. The soft, sandy beaches. The exquisite palm trees. The glorious flowers. What does it matter if I win or lose as long as I have had the chance to experience all this wonder?

Spent the rest of the day plotting with Chaz and the Professor.

Day 29: An ugly day as Chaz revealed the IP's embarrassing childhood nickname as part of a reward challenge in which we were tested on how much we knew about our tribemates. He won an afternoon of jetskiing followed by a feast and chose me to come along. It was spectacular. We weren't supposed to go near the coral reefs but did and grounded ourselves and it was very tiresome sorting out about the damage we'd caused. We smuggled some spareribs and macaroons from the feast to give the others and spent a fantastic night together.

Day 30: I won immunity again in the Rope Bridge Over Quicksand challenge. We had to stand on this rope bridge and shake and twist it so the others fell off.

My kickboxing class really came in handy. Vendetta went first and then, surprisingly, Chaz. So it was the Ice Princess and me. I waited until the sun began to set. Then, as the IP was adjusting her footing, I turned my head slightly. My high-shine face powder blinded her, I gave a quick twist, and she fell in.

Of course, we voted the Ice Princess off. I will always remember the way she looked in that last tribal council, her precious dignity stripped away, so very tacky with all that quicksand in her hair.

Day 31: I don't think I could ever care for anyone as much as Chaz. It was love at first sight. Those baby-blue eyes, that blonde, curly hair. And I know he loves me just as deeply, too. Ah, paradise.

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