EST. May 2000 (AD)


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Diary of a Mad Date


June 15 Oh, my GOD!!!!! I just got home!!!!!!!!!!! We finally DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Last night I went to that bar he always goes to. I walked in and tried to catch his eye, but he didn't see me. I followed him round and round until he turned around and said "Since it doesn't look like you're going you might as well sit down." He's so funny!

We had a great time, we talked and talked and laughed. I bought him eight pints and took him home in a cab.It was so wonderful--it wasn't just physical, we made a connection so deep it was scary. I know he was overwhelmed too, because when he woke up he just said "Oh, shit."

I'm so happy!

I vacuumed, reorganized his cutlery drawer and told him I'd be back later.

June 16 I can't drink red wine. I really shouldn't have had the whole bottle, but it seemed such a waste. On the way over to his place, I picked up some things he needed like toilet paper, deodorant and a shoe tree, but there was no answer so I waited on the stoop. Around ten, his roommate Frank arrived and let me use the washroom. He's really sweet. I guess I shouldn't have opened the bottle, but by about one a.m. the cold was really getting to me.

I don't know when I fell asleep, but I wish I hadn't vomited first.

June 17 He wasn't at work when I dropped by nor was he at home. His neighbours are really nice though, one of them offered me a Diet Coke.I think I'm going to like living in this area.

Boy is his roommate ever moody though. He told me he would call the police if I kept calling.

I think he's just jealous.

The beagle ate my dress shoes.

June 18 I hid in the bushes by his house. He pulled up about two. As he was getting out of the truck I jumped out and yelled "TA DA I'm not wearing any underpants" I wish I had seen the girl before I yelled that last bit. Her name is Cheryl Hann--she seemed nice. Although he was with her I could tell he was yearning for me. I felt so sorry for her. She must have felt like a real loser.

I picked up my picnic basket, ice bucket, the beagle and caught the last bus home.

June 20 His number's out of service and I don't know where he is. I've never seen anyone so frightened by their emotions. I found Cheryl's name in the phone book. I told her it was OK, and not to feel stupid or anything and maybe we could get together for dinner. Wow is she a flake, she just laughed and hung up on me. I guess she just needs time. I read people pretty good.

June 21 All my letters come back with "moved" on them. You'd think one of his neighbour's would have told me. It's a shame he didn't get the letters, but maybe it's for the best. I shouldn't have tried to end our relationship through the mail, but he's just too screwed up for me.

©Sharon Grehan