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What kind of man will your shoes attract?

By Naomi Short

How we dress says a lot about the type of person that we are. For a man these are very important clues as to whether we might be suitable dating material. What you might not have realized is that your shoes say twice as much about you than the rest of your clothes put together. Yes, it's true. Your shoes might be the reason that your dates aren't quite hitting the mark. Read on to discover what you might be doing wrong.

1. Comfortable shoes

These types of footwear indicate very practical people. Down to earth types, with down to earth jobs. Most likely nurses or other health care professionals. The point is that these types of shoes indicate practical people who are experts at taking care of others.

Nowhere is it more true that opposites attract! Impractical people who are not very good at looking after themselves are prone to falling in love with someone who will make their life easier. Unfortunately this means that you will probably get stuck with mommies boys. The type who still live at home when they're 35, don't know a cauliflower from a cucumber, and if, under dire circumstances, are forced to do laundry (after all their underwear have been turned inside out at least once) wind up with everything slightly pink.

On the up side, these men will recognize practicality and comfort over appearances and will never notice your fuzzy armpits and huge cotton underwear. These types of shoes can also be very advantageous if you are looking for an elderly millionaire with heart problems.

2. Flat or low heeled shoes

These types of shoes attempt to blend being comfortable and looking well dressed. They are favourites of office workers. Unfortunately they have a certain middle agedness about them which tends to associate the wearer with being married or being suitable for marriage. You may become the target for older, bored, married men looking for mutually secretive affairs. Alternatively, you may be approached by eligible 30-something bachelors who are just beginning to realize that they should probably settle down soon otherwise it will be too late to have the family that they've secretly always dreamed of. Watch out for these. Check very carefully for emotional baggage. Why have all their previous relationships failed? Have they been recently divorced? Are they -aholics of any kind?


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About the author: Currently a research scientist who has to write technical papers about Antarctica, the Arctic and climate change, Naomi is beginning to try her hand at writing about more light hearted things.