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Sense of Humour?

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If your body matched B then you are: Phlegmatic

Excess: Phlegm

Character traits: Can be compassionate and sympathetic. Prone to becoming frightened, to crying and to being sad. Cowardly, unresponsive lack intellectual vitality.

Element: Water

Complementary Colour: Yellow, beige. off white.

Accessory: Game Boy

Avoid: Cold foods and drinks and any discussion requiring facts. Coffee will induce sleep so it is best to give it a miss.

Best Career Bet: Politician

Best Chance for Romance with: Sanguine

If your body matched C then you are: Choleric

Excess: Yellow Bile

Element: Fire

Character Traits: Practical and logical but at the same time inclined to anger, provocation, and impatience Obstinate, vengeful, impatient, easily aroused to anger.

Complementary Colour: Blue

Accessory: Laser pointer

Avoid: Pears, apples milk and cheese and Buicks and instruction manuals.

Best Career Bet: Gym teacher.

Best Chance for Romance with: Sanguine

If your body matched D then you are: Melancholic

Excess: Black Bile

Element: Earth

Character Traits: Intelligent and complicated mind but have a tendency to be restless and depressed. Excessively contemplative, brooding, affected, gluttonous, satiric.

Accessory: PDA device.

Avoid: salt meat, red dear, beef and goat and Existentialism.

Complementary Colour: Grey, charcoal, dark brown,

Best Career Bet: Movie Critic.

Best Chance for Romance with: Sanguine