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LTB: One Woman's Triumph Over Adversity


Jane had to summon up her courage to tell her mother-in-law that her Red Rose Tea miniatures were not only uninteresting, they were also ugly and worthless, next she told her husband that statistics are only interesting if they are made up.

The hardest of all was telling her four year old that while playschool was probably very interesting to her it was mind numbing to anyone else. No one cared who ate who's lunch, who went poo in the cloakroom, who could fit an entire Lego door in their mouth.

"It was very painful" Jane continues choking back a sob as she recalls the painful experience. "But it was a relief to find out the problem was everyone else and not me. It is taking some time but the phrase I use most often now is "that does not interest me." The first time I used it on one of my patients the look of hurt that crossed their eyes wounded me, but it is a matter of survival.

"Sometimes an encounter with TB (terminally boring) people is unavoidable so we've learned some tips to cope. We are taught to mentally bob and style their hair while they are talking--maybe give them a flip or a bouffant perhaps few streaks. If that fails I make lists starting with the basic food groups and if I'm in really big trouble I imagine the person naked as an organ grinder with a rabid monkey."

"3 out of 10 people across the US and Canada suffer from LTB and 3 out of 10 people are TB." says Michael clasping his wife's hand. "I found these stats alarming. When you look at statistics you always find that there is a small..."

"That does not interest me." Jane interrupts, smiling warmly at the man who helped save her.


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