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Just in Time for Christmas -- the Crafts of the 70s Are Back!

by Julie Ward

If you love crafting but think you don't have the time or money to make Christmas gifts for friends and family, look to the 70s for inspiration--it was a simpler time, crafts were all the rage, and the finished products looked wonderfully cheap and slipshod.

Our featured projects let you revisit the 70s while earning 21st century crafting cred--in no time at all!

Pierced God's Eye


Bod-mod for the yarnaholic!

1. Weave a god's eye in two or more of your favorite colors of yarn.

2. Once the god's eye is finished, artfully decorate it with small earrings, both hoops and studs.
This is a thoughtful gift for your indie teen, especially if he or she has quit speaking to you.

Graffiti Terrarium


1. Take a clear glass bowl.

2. Put some little plants in it.

3. Spray obscure yet menacing symbols and words on the outside of the bowl with a thin stream of spray paint.

Neighbors always appreciate the gift of a plant.

Deconstructed Plant Holder

A modernist "twist" on a thrift store staple!

1. Buy a macrame plant holder at the local Goodwill.

2. Make one snip in the string with scissors.

3. Unravel it.

4. Leave it in an unraveled ball.

An edgy co-worker will appreciate this challenging piece, but encourage him or her to display it on a sunny yellow or warm orange cloth so their friends and neighbors won't be intimidated by it.

Tole Painting with Salsa


Muy caliente!

1. Buy a metal cannister from your favorite craft store.

2. Paint it with salsa.

3. Let the salsa dry.

If you attach a bamboo handle to the top of the canniser, you have a "spicy" handbag for your favorite red hat aunt.

©2005 Julie Ward



Julie Ward used to be a technical writer but is reinventing herself as a special education teacher. She lives with her husband and two sons in Austin, Texas.