EST. May 2000 (AD)


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Jenna's Diary Week by Week


Simon says the problem with the middle class is their mediocrity and their sheep-­­like behaviour and I agree.


My mom is pissed off at me. She says I have no business accusing them of holding petty bourgeois ideals and that I shouldn't start throwing around words I don't know the meaning of.

She is such a fascistFasictFashist.




Simon came over and we criticized TV all night. We laughed at the people who simply don't get it.


He has a nickname for me! Hon! He called me Hon! I was in the kitchen stuffing some pita bread with some sprouts and he said "Can you get me a Corona, Hon?" my neck went all prickly, Hon is short for­­­­ honey! I wanted to ask him to repeat it but I thought that might ruin the moment.

I don't want to jinx it but I think I'm in love!


Is it weird that we haven’t actually done it yet? We’ve done some more of the Tantric-inspired stuff but all that seems to be is breathing and staring. Simon says that it is all about the journey not the destination and I completely agree but…I don’t know. Twice I’ve been drunk enough to put real moves on him he always says something along the lines of “No, not like this, not now.”

He has made it clear that he is not into exclusivity, which is great because I’m not either, but I do think that it would be great if he we could be, not be exclusive exactly, but only see each other. I just can’t work out a way to say it. Or think it for that matter.


I called Julie last night to see how she was and all she talked about was herself and the baby. Just when it was my turn to talk about me she had to go burp, feed, or change the kid. How rude! Then I called Christine and we both agreed that Julie is getting way too caught up in this mothering thing.


Christine is such a good friend. She thought it was awesome about Simon calling me “Hon” but she is a little concerned with the Tantric sex thing. She thinks it has something to do with hypnosis, but that’s stupid.


At least, I think it is.



We went to a party last night at Clay's house. Clay is also an actor and used to be one of Simon's best friends until they had a falling out. Over what I don’t know but I really like him. His place is so cool. There isn’t much furniture but thousands of candles and loads of cushions. He lives with an actor (Simon says it is so unhip to say actress) named Tabitha and I hate her. She's plain, plain, plain, but acts pretty.  She was wearing a woolen scarf indoors, has no highlights or lowlights in her dull brown hair and pronounces "yeah" as "yunh." Eck. But Simon likes her so I pretend to.

There was kind of a weird moment when Simon and Clay got into an argument over hummus that escalated very quickly and before long, they were shouting and roaring at one another.


The whole room went quiet and I wasn't sure what to do. Thankfully, just as quickly as it started it ended and they fell into each other’s arms hugging and sobbing. Sometimes it's hard being with a genius, but since I'm a genius too it’s easier for me to deal with.



I think I'm going to paint my living room aubergine. Simon says that the interior walls reflect the soul and I agree. I know for sure I don't have a beige soul.


He is going to be putting on a one-man show and we spent the weekend thinking of ideas. Simon says that he feels a high concept show is the best way to go and I agree, for sure. A high concept thingy, all the way.


He thinks if he starts out crawling out from pile of rags and moves slowly upward during the show it will reflect his search for enlightenment. I’ve been looking for enlightenment too but I just haven't had a lot of time what with work and all.


It was so exciting working on this with him! I felt like a true artist working at the feet of the master.


 Simon has a "gig" coming up which he is very excited about. For six weeks he’ll be touring in a children’s clown show. He feels it’s beneath him but it means he can stop being a bike courier for a few months so it’s good. It'll be cool when someone asks "where's your boyfriend?" I’ll say, “He’s on tour” and they'll probably go, "Oh" and act like they aren't impressed. (But they are.)

I think I’ll pick up the paint tomorrow and get a start.



Aubergine is purple.


The place is extremely dark so I put in some yellow trim to lighten it up a bit. It doesn't help much but at least I know where the door is now.



Simon says my room reflects my complexity, which is what I wanted it to do. I bought tons of candles and throw cushions and it looked very gorgeous and romantic.


I wish he could have stayed but he had to meet Clay. Boo!



We went to the park to watch other people. Simon says the only way you can improve your art is to research constantly. We saw couples walking hand in hand and Simon talked about their naiveté and their simple natures.


(BTW I found out that Tantric sex has nothing to do with hypnosis, it is all about something else, something about spiritual stuff, which is a relief.)


I wanted a hotdog but Simon is boycotting the pork industry so I had a bag of popcorn instead.

There was a touching moment when a panhandler asked Simon for change. He stopped looked at the man and said. "I love you brother." and gave him a quarter.


It was such a profound moment I felt my eyes tearing up. I wish the panhandler hadn't given him the finger.


It was a beautiful day and I felt inspired. We sat on the grass and wrote, I think this could be my best piece yet.


The birds flying aimlessly, unguided their cries of joy unheeded by man. I stand and watch untethered, unalone. The waves lap against the sand as a soda can swims desperately to shore a symbol of man's triumph over nature.


The lovers embrace unaware, I turn my eyes to the sun and beg reach as the wind sings to my soul.


I don’t like to brag, but I think that is possibly the best thing that has ever been written.



Excerpt from Jayde: An Extraordinary Woman in Ordinary Times

An Unathorized Autobiography By Jenna Thompson


The streets were shiny as Special Agent Thaddeus McDonald crawled on his hands and knees following the trail of Jayde’s stiletto  boots.

His knees ached as the cobblestones punished them but he diligently followed the footsteps all the way to the subway.

Fifty miles away Jayde expertly rooted through the file cabinets. The files in the orphanage were well organized even though the owners were evil. Jayde finally located her file pulled it out and sat down in the director’s chair. The orphanage was very quiet, as it had been abandoned 20 years before. Jayde poured herself a coffee and began to read. Halfway through she gasped.

She swiveled in the ancient chair and looked out at the dark East European night.

“Jacob Matlin, you’ll pay for this.” She hissed through perfect lips.




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