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Random Acts of Malice: The Best of Happy Woman Magazine

features the best of the award winning online publication

"Random Acts of Malice" takes on the women's magazine genre with satirical articles spoofing relationship issues, do-it-yourself projects, and beauty tips, plus fake celebrity interviews. The book provides comic relief for women bored with the fluff offered by women's magazines in the guise of substance.

The online publication premiered in May of 2000 to raves and has been reviewed and recommended by hundreds of media outlets. USA Today praised its "devilish wit", Toronto's Globe and Mail called the site "A welcome oasis" and The Vancouver Sun relished its "Politely vicious satire." Build Your Own Piano! The Sheep Shearer's Workout and Random Acts of Malice are just a few of the articles that struck a satirical chord with women eager for an antidote to Martha and Oprah.

According to a Media Metrix study the HW audience is made up of professional women between the ages of 18-49 but we generally won't turn anyone away. Millions of readers have visited to date and it has a very strong fan base. As well, the site is partnered with network, the second largest women's property on the Internet with over 8 million visitors a month.

What's that sound? Is that the sound of cash registers cha-chinging?

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