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Submission Guidelines for Happy Woman Magazine

Happy Woman is a parody publication. We are looking for articles that spoof items one might read in magazines like Cosmopolitan, Glamour or Good Housekeeping, O or any publication of that sort. Please read HW before submitting. This is a good starting place.



Rule of thumb


We only pay for articles appearing in the anthologies, we do not pay for articles appearing on the site, but it is a wonderful place to showcase your talents. We do have a very large audience and send out press releases to newspapers, radio, TV and online media regularly. We are partnered with which is the #2 community for women online, visited by 8 million women each month and we promote select content on the womensforum hub. We provide a separate page for your article with a sober bio (100 words or less please.) You retain all rights to your work - it is your soul we are interested in.

Happy Woman has been featured on The View, Good Morning America, CTV, The Village Voice, CBC Radio, USA Today The Atlanta Journal Constitution,Toronto Star, BBC, The Detroit News, The Vancouver Sun, The Globe and Mail, Media Television, Family PC Magazine, Netlife Magazine, and hundreds of other print and online publications.


Articles ideally should be less than 1000 words and more than 5. Please send the entire article, do not send queries or pitches.


No attachments please.Save your article as plain text and paste it into the body of the email. Don't forget to include your bio!

Due to the volume of material we receive (and those tiresome new Child Labour Laws) we regrettably do not have the staff available to respond to every submission. If we are to publish your material we will contact you within 8 weeks.

Because we have been swamped with inappropriate material we ask that you put Satire before the title of your article in the subject line. That way we can give full consideration to the wonderful folks who actually read the guidelines and can delete submissions from the folks that press the submit button before they've finished writing the article. (It will be like our secret code.)

We will of course not publish any racist or obscene material, so don't send any or we will forward it to your mother. Also we do insist that you actually own the material.

We look forward to reading your material, Thank you ffor your interest!

Submissions (Replace X with @ before sending)