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Libby: Then quit squirming and sit up straight. Have you ever done movies, you know, something that someone would have seen?

Calista: Um, Birdcage,A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Libby:A Midsummer Night's Dream-- Adam Sandler?

Calista: William Shakespeare.

Libby: Uh, huh......... He's been dead a long time hasn't he?

Calista: Yes, yes he has.

Libby: So you're saying you prefer work penned by dead author's?

Calista:.... No.

Libby: Well, you see, you got to work with me here. This could be a career boost for you here--I love to help young thin kids, but you're not making this easy.

Calista: I'm sorry, I just...

Libby: I had a hell of a drive over here, I got lost four times...

Calista: I'm sorry...

Libby: Then I get here and they make me wait, and give me this huge list of things that I can or can't talk about which I can't see anyway because I left my glasses at the condo--which didn't make the drive easier by the way...

Calista: I didn't know...

Libby: And now I'm here and I find out that you haven't even been in a decent movie.

Calista: I'm really very sorry.

Libby: Yeah, well sorry isn't going to get me back the lunch I canceled with Angie Dickinson.

At that your poor scribe and Ms. Flockhart just sat there, it was the worst interview I have ever done and a complete waste of my time. This kid could be a role model to thousands of kids with that knockout figure, but she blew it. Even if I had cable I'm not sure so sure I would watch Nelly McBeal. Even when Ms. Flockhart (message to Calista lose the name honey it's not helping either-- that is a really fat operatic name) even when she put Kinder Surprise Egg in the hollow of her neck, I sensed she was trying to humor me but it was too late.

You win some, you lose some.