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Office Holiday Party Do's and Don'ts

By Elizabeth Hanes

Each year the dilemma arrives wrapped as a colorful flyer adorned with crappy clip art, created by an overworked fellow employee who long ago ceased to care. It's the invitation to your company's holiday party.

All the office advice gurus say attendance at the office holiday party is mandatory, not optional. After all, you've invested too much time and effort climbing the corporate ladder to risk looking tacky for snubbing the pathetic, grudging attempt your company makes once a year to look as if they appreciate you.

So how should you behave once you get there? This simple list of dos and don'ts will help you maximize your office party experience this holiday season.



Above all, remember: it may be an office event, but it's still a PARTY! Don't be afraid to let your hair down and show your wild side. The stockholders will thank you for it next spring.

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